My Green Thumb

Day 1: Monday, July 26

Successes as a Gardener:
1- Already knew what plants I wanted
2- Blowout Garden Shed Sales = Big Savings!
3- A passionate mom to help
4- A summer off to do projects like this
5- Motivation and Will power to work in the heat
6- A Green Thumb hopefully inherited from ‘Rents
7- And a need want to garden because I’m a science teacher!

And boy oh boy did she approve. She keeps eating the flowers, rolling in the fresh topsoil, and walking around it. Also a success because it is one of the Nontoxic plants for animals.

Here is how I failed as a Gardener:
1- Impulse shopping = No Planned Layout
2- No garden equipment = borrowed from ‘Rents
3- Since no planning occured, No plant toxicity research was done thus leading to this in my backyard (Lady’s area has become a Biohazard Zone for Dogs) Oooppps!
Pet Friendly Plants

Day 2: Tuesday, July 27

The Journey today involved research, moving all the oleanders out of the backyard, filling in the one hole that was dug for the one oleander we planted yesterday, patching the grass, and spraying a humongous spider that I saw crawling up my house.

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