It has arrived. The thing I had been waiting on for about two weeks when I decided to get one.Yay Yay Yay Yay!!! Could I be any more excited!! Woohoo!!

And it is the perfect size. Fits in great. Looks amazing. Cleans easy.
Now to test this bad boy out!

I should make this a separate blog post, but if I did that then you’d know what the delivery was before reading this post. So together they go.

Here is my very first Green Juice. Made especially by yours truly, for yours truly. And it tasted delicious right out of the Juicer. Yum. This simple- fresh- recipe tastes yummy by itself.(Kale Leaves, 2 apples)

Now, here I’m trying to be healthier and add spirulina. Huhum, cough * Cough* yea, first taste okay. Second, not so much. I will not be adding as much spirulina to my next drinks. Just a pinch will do.

Overall, Great looking Juicer. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Wish it had a larger hole to put food in. Wish I could use the left over fruit/veggie parts for something??? Hmm… Great Juice. 90% Satisfied with Juicer. 99% Satisfied with Price & Delivery

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