Green Thumb Day 3

I just had to finish the planting Wednesday night. After a day of Jogging, Vet visits, a lil’ Shopping, Juicing, Cooking dinner, and of course Blogging…I still had to garden. Yes. I know. I’ve been busy. But when you have a week long vacay planned in Cabo Mexico, you kinda gotta get stuff done.
It took me an hour to get this far. I had to relocate the plants, bring the tools to the side, move the 40 lb. bags of top soil, and dig the holes. This took some time. I spaced each plant 6 feet apart.
The only thing that I would say I learned from today was that Texas is windy, and it makes your plants lean lean lean. I mean, some branches were practically on the ground. I’m worried I chose a windy spot for them and they’ll grow in a slant. But I tried turning them so they wouldn’t. I’ll post pictures in a few weeks to show if they lean or not.
Success. With J digging my last hole for me. (Blisters on my hands from all the rocks in the ground)I am officially done with planting for a year! Well maybe like 9 months. Hehe

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