Busy but not so Busy

Today has felt like a day of running around, but not really doing anything at all. I guess it feels that way because I wasn’t at my house for most of the day.

Slept in today. I guess you can call it that if I got up at 6:30, fed the dog, cleaned the kitchen, and headed back to bed for 2 more hours. Finally, Lady didn’t wake me up and keep me up all morning.

Jogged a bit, boy, it was hot jogging after 8:30 am. Won’t do that again. My face was beet red and I was sweating so bad. Guess you didn’t wanna hear that.

Then packed up a few things, took Lady over to Mom & Dad’s. Waited there for about 2 hours. Took them to the airport. Stuck in traffic. Finally back home to let Lady relax and feed her. Then off again to head to the Hospital to visit my MIL. She took ill yesterday morning and has been battling something she picked up in the Dominican Republic.

Freaking out because we are worried about her, but can’t really do much. We will be leaving in two days to head to Cabo to meet up with my parents, but Praying that my MIL gets better.

On another Note:

J & I watched these movies/tv series this week. Comments below each photo.

A very real feeling when watching this movie. Robert did a gret job in this one. I won’t watch it again, but it was a cute drama. J didn’t watch this one with me. Mom enjoyed it w/ me.


A very cute, light hearted movie. I enjoyed the comedy in it and Amy always has the most beautiful smile- even when she is covered in mud! Like this soo much, I’d watch it again and maybe even a third time. The story has been done before, but the scenery, the accents, and Amy is just tooo cute.

J and I are trying to finish this season. We have enjoyed it so far. It can be a little dumb at times so I always have my computer to keep me busy while it is playing, but Bender sometimes cracks me up! This series is not at all what I expected. I expected a ‘Family Guy’ sort of TV cartoon series, and it totally isn’t. I like that about it.


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