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I’ll Post Photos from Cabo San Lucas as soon as my Mom gives me the Camera Cord… Check Back later!

I missed my easily available food while I was in Cabo. I did make a few Green Smoothies while in Cabo, but I had to use Soy Milk instead of Almond milk and I didn’t have any of the Amazing Grass Chocolate SuperFood Powder to mix in. Plus the bananas were not as good as here in the states.

This Green Monster was a little bit chewy. Well actually it still had bits of carrot stalk that didn’t get chopped up very well in the blender. I kept having to pick it out of my teeth..Haha 

Next time I’ll either Blend it longer or leave out the Carrot Stalks. The Beet Leaves ended up hurting my stomach later on, but I’m gonna try them again and see if maybe my body will get used to the high amount of nutrients they have.

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