The Good and Bad of my Day

So here’s to the Day! The busiest most stressful day of my summer. Let me explain the good and bad:

Woke up with Dog barking (Bad) at normal time- She made it through the 2nd night in a row without waking us up to go out! Yay!! Woohoo!! = Good

Ran a mile then Walked/Jogged the second mile totaling my usual 2 miles in my neighborhood 🙂 = Good. My i-pod holder velcro strap roughed up my cute top (Bad)

Got home, Lady did not make a mess in the house while I was gone…YAY!! But there was a horrible looking spider crawling across my entryway when I came in. (Bad)

I made my Green Smoothie with Blueberries and Peanut butter today. It was Good!

Headed to the School to try to set up my classroom! Goodness I have a lot to do before In-Service next week. I mean, my room is like a blank slate and I have to at least do 6 bulletin boards, get string to hang things, label everything, unload my two large cabinets, hook up all the computers, and make it all look cutesy!! (Busy & No Time=Bad

But I didn’t get to do much today because a coworker called and said they were all meetin’ up to work on lessons and tests for the first semester. I read through all my work e-mails and then headed out to meet up with them…Although I wasn’t much use when I got there because my brain was in stress mode and fried…I am never any Good in the afternoons. (Bad)

So heading home from this and I stop by the store to rack up on a gazillion of those spiral bound notebooks for my kiddos to use as lab journals and who calls me….My mom, with news about our fried who is having her baby right now as I type this…YAY!!! =Good News!

Well, I’m off to do errands before headin’ to the hospital. Jared got home and is cutting the grass finally=Good

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