Celebrate Birthdays

Well we have been very busy the last week. J has been working hard and I’ve been trying to get my classroom set up and school supplies bought. Not to mention a friend had her baby Wednesday and I had two days of Lesson Planning with the Science Teachers. I took Lady to the Vet on Friday morning and she had the best visit so far. She took her Bordatella shot in the nose and didn’t cough/bark or anything. Made ‘mommy’ proud.

Then I went shopping with J Saturday morning. We headed to Grapevine Mills Mall. JCrew had some cute stuff but I wanted to go to the Loft. Bummer, since they were closed down to reopen again soon. Dumb! So we headed to another mall. Here is my favorite outfit from the store that day.

After all the shopping and running around (had to get computer cable because Lady chewed completely through mine…) we got ready to head out to eat with J’s parents. They both had a birthday this week and we celebrated at a Mexican restaurant in Ft. Worth. Yum! I had the Veggie Fajitas..

The Birthday Parents with J’s Sister.

Back home afterwards to hang out with a good friend. Movie time!

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