Back to Work

This was me yesterday. Well at least most of the day this was me. Driving around everywhere after my morning run/breakfast & snuggle with Lady. I had to make it to a few stores to get some classroom essentials and then to Half Price Books to start my Science Classroom Library. I found some really awesome magazines and a few books to go back and get when I teach the Astronomy/Space Unit. Woohoo!!! “To Infinity and Beyond” as Buzz Lightyear would say! Hehe

However, today was very different than yesterday. Today was the first day back. I started my morning with some very healthy food to motivate and give me energy for the day. Long drive down to the Museum for our first In-Service training. Here are the Pumpkin Voo and Green Smoothies I enjoyed this morning. Check out a good recipe for this here:

OSG Pumpkin Voo Parfait

I didn’t use the exact recipe from above. Modified after a few trials for my taste buds. I didn’t like the raw cacao nibs at first and I had banana in my green monster this morning, so no parfait for me… hehe…My ingredients included some Oats, canned pumpkin, maple syrup, cinnamon, chia seeds, & cocoa powder. Top with Raw Cacao Nibs when thickened up and enjoy!Green monster included lots of Kale…yum… half a frozen banana, some cocoa powder, peanut butter, and a huge gulp of almond milk. Blend & Enjoy!

Got home at a reasonable time and played with Lady. Took her for a walk. Then did my jog since I could not get up any earlier just yet. I’ll work on the morning jogs before work next week. Lady was pretty funny today.




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