Run in the Dark weekend

Saturday we ran the ‘Run in the Dark’ 5K. It was a blast. I know that we didn’t train for it much (J didn’t train/run at all before), but I loved every minute of it. It was exhilarating afterward and Sunday even. I am pumped about doing more of these. That and I’m challenging myself to run faster to beat my time. It wasn’t too good compared to the first 5K we ran back in 2006…(4 years later, 20 pounds heavier, a steady job, busy life, and no energy….lead to no time/interest in practicing)

This was right before the race began. There were 2400 people at this race, not including the spectators and family members. It was packed…. At least the sun was going down soon.

After the race we were glowing with SWEAT!! yup sir ee. It was hot, muggy, and tiring (not to mention the mosquitos are crazy right now). But we loved it! Can’t you tell from the smiles on both our faces. Our times weren’t great- nor were they bad…. It’s settled. This will become my hobby.. My third 5k and I finally know that I enjoy these things ALOT!

Afterwards J and I relaxed. We got home about 9 o’clock and were wired from the energy of the run.


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