Thanksgiving Tofu

Happy ‘Turkey’ Day

I mean Happy ‘Tofu’ Day

So here I am planning out the cooking day. I hand selected only the best recipes for this feat and I am bound and determined to make a Vegan Thanksgiving. J and I celebrated with my parents last night since they were driving to AL for Thanksgiving. J and I will celebrate Thanksgiving with his parents on Traditional Thursday with the Traditional foods (non  vegan…gulp….I’ll starve…gulp).

So anyways, here I am getting the Thanksgiving Tofu ingredients and the gravy ingredients together. On the menu:

Main Dish:

  • Thanksgiving Tofu (the Kind Diet)
  • Vegan Gravy (Oh She Glows)


  • Vegan Mashed Yukon and Sweet Potatoes (the Vegan Table)
  • 90% Vegan Green Bean Caserole
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce (Oh She Glows)
  • Rolls (Oh She Glows yeast rolls, backup Pillsbury)


None at this time– too much for me to handle and plus- I bet we fill up on the yummy food! Next time I’ll have a pumpkin pie or pecan pie prepared a day ahead of time.

Tofu and Gravy Ingredients:

Here Lady is after her walk and bath this morning. She is like a cat lounging on top back of the sofa…haha.. But here she can see me in the kitchen so I guess that’s why she likes it.

I am not going to bore you with all the cooking photos this time, but let’s just say that it was interesting trying to cook all this stuff.

Here is the Vegan Thanksgiving Tofu (Tofu with stuffing inside=Yum!)

Here is the Homemade Cranberry Sauce. (Cranberries, Maple Syrup, Balsamic Vinegar, pinch of Sea Salt)

Mashed Yukon and Sweet Potatoes (Yukon Gold and Sweet Potatoes, Almond Milk, Earth Balance Butter, Sea Salt)

**Not Pictured (Vegan Gravy, Rolls, Green Bean Casserole) 

Notes from the Chef:

Overall the meal was a HIT!! Everyone loved it including myself. WE agreed that Thanksgiving could be vegan and still taste like real Thanksgiving!

On Cooking:

1. Get the ingredients only the weekend before the meal. Not two weeks early. Buy fresh and make sure as much of the ingredients are organic. (I bought too early and the yams went bad…yuck… so had to make another trip to store)

2. Make a timeline to cook the food so that it is complete on time. ( I nailed this one!) Start tofu press early and yeast bread early.

3. Make sure to not kill the yeast (opps I did and the bread flopped because of this…first timer using yeast not a good idea). It was however, a Great idea to have back up rolls in the fridge.

4. Tofu needs to be wrapped during first hour of cooking and unwrapped for the last 20-30 minutes. Makes the tofu taste better.

5. And….don’t forget to read all ingredients for vegan approval. I missed the one can of cream of mushroom and ended up with a 90% vegan green bean casserole because there is a bit of cream in the can. Opps

This was a wonderful meal and all recipes can be saved for next time.


 Check out Oh She Glows for ideas on a Vegan Thanksgiving:


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