Black Friday Shopping!

I have already finished all my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving but the wonderful enticing ‘Black Friday’ is calling my name. I mean…who needs $3 kitchen appliances that over toast your bread or can’t whip worth a hoot. Who needs really cheap clothes and boots marked down even more because they couldn’t sell otherwise…come on-they are cheaply made and we all know it… Who needs to wake up from a good night’s sleep after that much beloved Thanksgiving meal to stand in lines, fight crowds, and rack up the credit cards (or wipe out your bank account)…. I do, I do, I do…we all say.

So here are a few things on my list this year and here are a few photos of the craziness I endured with family….J missed out on this one because he had to work…bummer…

 Belk is having a great sale on Boots and World Market has those tumblers in a larger size and they are on sale…Woohoo.


So here are the boots that I luckily found with the help of a friendly sales woman! There was a really long line getting into Belk this morning and I was by myself at this time because E and C hadn’t shown up. I saw tons of women rushing into the store and herding to the shoe department…Gee wilickers… Luckily I found these when I did. E and C got a pair too. They are so cute and flip up over the knee or scrunch down to look cute..

Then we were off to Wal-mart for the 5:00 am sales. And as soon as we walked in the customers were heavy with anticipation. We got there like 5 minutes before the cops would let people start grabbing all the electronic stuff. And all the lines for TV’s and Computers were already wrapped around a ton of aisles. Oh well I thought as I saw the last HP computer being given to a customer…then when I told E that the last computer was gone that we could go…a nice man overheard us and offered us his computer that he had stood in line for if he could find the other laptop computers…Well E helped him and got a different laptop too which meant I could have this one:

Woohoo! I got one of the sale computers!! And that’s not all…look at the bargains I snatched up before they were gone too!

I’m going to use the FlipMino for my trip to Europe because it is light and can record up to an hour…..who has time to record over an hour…

Then the next store we drove to was Sports Authority. C got some really good deal on a gift for J and then we had an ordeal at the register with them placing it in the back of the store till we could get a truck to pick it up later….(girls should not drive trucks)…Well I had time to check my ShopKicks app on my phone and noticed that C could get a $25 gift card and then the manager told the cashier she had to give it to her. Yay!!

We got to World Market just as the line was forming for the freebies…. Here is what I scored:

The tumbler and a really cool mug at a great sale…Then a free ornament and my scratch off gave me free candy (which I will give to J in his stocking).  E and C both got awesome scratch off gifts of a $50 giftcard and a $5 off $20 coupon.

Then we headed to Target and another Wal-Mart….not too impressed after the mad rush..most everything was picked over…

Anyways. The day was total success and I have already finished all the xmas shopping anyways…Hehe…So off to play with my goodies.


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