Products I Love!

So I thought I would make a post about products I love, love, LoVe! I’ll try to do this once a week till I run out of items I love… (then I’ll have excuses to buy more stuff).

First let’s start with face & hair. This week I will be talking about basic stuff and my can’t live without makeup products. Pictured above are the four face cleansers I rotate between. I think that rotating between cleansers is good for the skin and each product helps in different ways to meet my skin needs. Let’s start on the left shall we:

DDF is a product I discovered a few years ago. I absolutely need this cleanser to get rid of grimy black heads and shine. The cleanser is strong on its on- so they recommend a specific DDF moisturizer to fix how much shine it takes away- I mean this stuff works on me, but other people it might dry you out. I call this my ‘breakout potion’

Clinique is a basic cleanser that I use when I don’t need the ‘breakout potion’. I still get the one for oily skin- but it is not as harsh as DDF. Clinique is a good teenager makeup line and all their products are reasonably priced for the quality you get.

Cetaphil has been my favorite moisturizing zit zapping staple for quite some time now. I used it while in college when my friend told me his dermatologist made him use it. I love this stuff- and I can get it at Wal-Mart=even better.

Lastly, on those cold winter days when my skin is drier than dry- I use jojoba as a cleanser/moisturizer on my face. This stuff works, but just watch out because you could end up breaking out.

Pictured above and below are the Victoria’s Secrets Hair product line. I have tried just about every one above and I have to admit they all smell and feel wonderful on my hair. I just love walking into a room and people commenting on my hair smelling nice. I also love the way my hair feels after using the shine serum below. It is one of my favorite of their products that I use! I just don’t use this stuff year round because it doesn’t hydrate the scalp as well as other organic shampoos do.

Now on to the favorite makeup products I use.Ecco Bella is a vegan makeup line that I discovered last summer when I was reading the Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. This stuff is the best concealer ever. It is creamy, smooth, and thick enough to hide those under-eye-circles that shout “we didn’t get sleep last night!” I love it soooo much that I sometimes use it and no foundation.

Dior is a new line of makeup for me to try. I am usually into the urban decay, bare minerals, or clinique stuff but I thought I’d give it a go. I love the colors in this palette called ‘incognito’. They are neutral which works with every outfit and mood. They also have a little bit of a sheen that I cannot live without. They stay put for most of the day too.Okay. I have mentioned clinique before as being a teenager line, but this is one product from their line of makeup that I will never give up no matter how old I get (well unless there is something better that comes along). This is clinique’s ‘high definition mascara’ with a wand that has the brush and comb combo. I love using the brush to coat the lashes and the comb to really separate the mascara onto them. This is the best mascara I have found and I suggest that if you buy anything on this page- do buy this one!

Dior lip glow is a new product for me too. I have been using this for two weeks now and I liked it at first, but now it is making my lips real dark pink- not natural like it says it is supposed to be. I love the way it looks, and feels. I liked the way it looked a week ago on me…maybe I have been using too much of it…hehe…that could be the case.. (on a side note- my favorite lip gloss is MAC viva glam and my favorite lip stick is Victoria Secret’s Heidi Klum glamorous makeup lip stick…it glitters a ton-but they aren’t selling it anymore)

St. Tropez is new for me too (wow, lots of new stuff). I have tried just about every spray tan, fake tan, tanning lotion…out there except this one. I decided if the movie stars used it, then I could try it. Well, let’s just say they were right. No orange, no smell, no streaks…this stuff is like the best fake tan in a bottle! Woohoo…no more cancer beds for me!

So that’s about it for right now. I’ll list more later probably!

Night ya’ll!


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