All the cool people live in the UK

There has always been a mysterious wonder that comes from the UK. A country that produces great musicians, thinkers, writers, actors, actresses, models, designers… the list could go on forever. The elusion of a great Empire that is filled with puddings and such…It is all so romantic! I wish I lived there! I wish I had a rose garden on a hill overlooking a windy road to London…. Dreaming aside.

 I will be visiting London this year. And I wanted to make a blog of the people I most would want to see by chance in London. Not that they live/stay in London all the time…but a girl can wish! These are not in any certain order and I do admit I am leaving out a ton of wonderful actors/actresses/authors…. But these are just the top 10 on my list.

#1. The Queen of England. I do so want to see her beautiful shining face. And her wave would be lovely too. She just has this elegance about her.

#2. The Harry Potter Author or Stars. J.K. Rowling would be an inspiring and intriquing person to meet. I would also love to just see one of the stars enjoying a stroll around town.


#3. Keira Knightly. Full of glamour, style, fun, and spirit. I would totally love to be one of Keira’s gal pals.

#4. David Beckham. Not currently living in London, but if he were to make a visit or his family moved back. I would definately love to see him live in a game of football.

#5. Gwyneth Paltrow. Full of heart and joy! I would totally wish to meet my fellow vegan getting great advice from her.
#6 & 7. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (and with their wives of course). Any gal that could snag these two lovelies I wanna meet. I adore the movies Tim writes and directs. I love Johnny Depp in all his roles!
#8. Pixi2woo. She is sooo sweet and beautiful! I would love for her to do my makeup and gab about the best places to go in London.
#9. Two cool guys from Sentuamessage. These two guys have to have the second best job in the world. Making short videos of Xbox games and answering questions from fans and gamers. I bet they’d be fun to hang with.

#10. Colin Firth. I’ve always loves the movies he has played in. He’d be cool to see.


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