New Year, New Goals…

Here are the New Goals for the New Year of 2011.  I am not holding myself to this strictly by any means…it is just a list of some goals to shoot for. The goals below are in random order but keep in mind my Ultimate GOAL is to do GOD’s Will.

1. Organization. This is my theme for the New Year. Get organized. Yea, I used to be like “Monica” off of F.R.I.E.N.D.S but I have been slacking lately. My goal this year is to stay motivated and organized all year. Not just when I feel the crunch. I’ve already started with the pantry and my closet this year. Off to a good start.

2. Get healthy & Be a Better Vegan. Okay. So last year I set a goal to work out two times a week. That did not happen. Some weeks I worked out more. Most not at all. So here is the ‘skinny’ on this goal. I aim to run more! I aim to be stricter on what I eat!  And I plan to stay Vegan. I would like to run a 10K this year (last year we did two 5K’s and a Fun Run).

3. Decorate. The inside of our house is not completely furnished or decorated. I am hoping by the end of the year the house is finished inside and even out (the front yard will need new mulch and stones).

4. Financial. I plan to save enough money to purchase (with cash not credit) a trip to New Zealand and a very nice camera (one of those DSLR cameras that I have been wanting for a while now). Also J and I are planning to cut back spending on impulsive buys (which means movies and video games for J and makeup and clothes for me.

5. Involved. I plan to work hard at getting more involved in my church.

6. Continue to travel, etc, when I have the chance. Life is about experiences and family. There are some family events coming up this year and I am looking forward to enjoying the time spent with loving members of our family. I believe in traveling because it helps me understand and appreciate this wonderful world GOD created for us. Some trips this year will be Florida and a across Europe.

7. Switch to all organic health, skincare, cleaning, and body products. This one might take some time since I aim first to use up all the products we have now. I have tons of products stored up under the sink that might just take a lot of time to use. Maybe I’ll donate some to mom. Anyways. The goal here is to rid our bodies of toxins from ingredients in our cleaning products.

8. Secret Resolution…. Can’t tell you what it is till next year!

PS. J never really sets Resolutions.


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