Pass the BoRedOm on Snow Days

Febs. 2, 2011- Painted the nails.  I bought the Pink one from Essie’s new Collection: French Affair Collection just days before the Snow Storm hit and now my nails are a “Perfect Barbie Pink”. I quite like it though. Makes my fingers look tan.

  Feb. 3, 2011- So being stuck at home for four days straight and nothing much to do gave me time to play with my extra special delivery. Yes. Luxy Hair. I ordered it a week ago and they were so fast to deliver (and even in the horrible weather). I am so pleased with them and the results. Can you even tell?

The color is right on with my hair and they blend really well. I think I like the rolled look better though.

Feb. 4, 2011- Made a new CD to listen to. Here is a Pic of the Playlist:

You definately need to listen to Plumb’s ‘Cut’, or TV on the Radio’s ‘ Wolf Like Me’.




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