Snow Bored


 Four days off of work because of the weather is unheard of…until now. I have been bored since day one though. Sheesh. I was glad to have time off from work, but being stuck inside with no courage to drive on these roads. Plus most of the stores are closed because of the bad weather.

Here’s a list of things I tried to do that didn’t work:

  1. watch tv…oh no…U-Verse didn’t work
  2. wash clothes…big Oh No!… water pipes are frozen
  3. drive anywhere….not quite enough courage
  4. play outside in snow with dog…too lazy to get out the winter clothes and put them on…
  5. TV works again- watch TV….nothing on but weather reports..blah… I can just look outside to get the weather.

Leaves me to shopping online, painting my nails, downloading new music, and playing with the dog inside. I’m broke now, with Barbie Pink nails, no more cd’s to burn my newly downloaded songs to, and the dog is tired.

J has had to work every day except Tues. this week, which is crazy cause technically they aren’t getting much done in the snow/ice.


Photos to pass time:



 Yea…I was feeling like drooley on day 2….but it’s getting better now the sun is shining today… Plus the snow outside today feels like fresh powder. Yup. Getting better every day.

Read my next post to see what I did to stay busy while being trapped.





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