Harry Potter at Universal Studios

Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express to get to the Magical World of Hogwarts. The Harry Potter Theme Park was amazing and here are the photos from our trip. Don’t mind the rainy weather on our second day, it didn’t stop us from waiting in lines and visiting all the lovely replicas of the Movie/Books of Harry Potter.First upon walking into Hogwarts/Hogsmeade you either notice the Hogwarts Express train and Conductor or the Castle. We visited Ollivanders Wand Shop to find a wand that would choose us. J and I enjoyed this experience of course. The wands were beautifully crafted. Ollivander had a substitute Wand Maker in the store, but he was very knowledgeable about the wands.Next stop was to the Honeydukes Sweet Shop to satisfy our sweet tooth. The alley between the shops was quite nice in the photo below.Honeydukes Sweets were just as colorful as the inside of the store.The inside of Honeydukes. Makes Willy Wonka jealous…haha..Zonko’s Joke Shop was next to Honeydukes. We had some fun when a friendly wizard showed us the extendable ears. They were enchanted to hear conversations and worked really well I might add.This is Hogsmeade on a dreary day. Still a large crowd was bustling through the town.Waiting in lines to get into stores was not fun on a rainy day. But it added to the effect of the times when ‘he who must not be named’ returned.The trip was enjoyable and I would love to return. But maybe when the newness and crowds have diminished.

Would you visit the Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios?


What do you think of the butterbeer drink?


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