Overdue Orlando Photos

This is just a sampling of photos from our Trip to Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. We absolutely enjoyed the trip and will go again soon. However, next time we will go with friends and definitely go to Disney World. Our trip was short and sweet.

Our first day arriving in Florida, we were so pumped and ready to get to the parks that we just went to Disney Boardwalk after getting to the hotel. Here are a few photos from the Disney Boardwalk on day one.(don’t squish my head…lol)J is joining the crew…He absolutely would be Jack Sparrow if he could.One of J’s favorites from ‘Toy Story’. I like Woody better but he didn’t have a statue.The first meal in Orlando: Fish ‘n’ Chips at Cookes. Pretty yummy. (yes I cheated this day)

Day two: was a day at the parks. We only visited Universal Studios and Island of Adventures at Universal. We thought with such a short vacation we would not have time to visit Disney.

Here in Universal Studios in the Hollywood section. We were there so early that the park was practically empty. Woohoo for us!

Krustyland was our favorite ride (other than the Harry Potter ride). We loved this one sooo much. It put you right in the cartoon and even if you don’t watch the cartoon (we don’t) it was good-clean fun.The one and only: Jaws. J lost his hand to him on the ride…lol… JK. But seriously, this is the oldest (worst) ride at the park. And we were very sad that they got rid of the Back to the Future ride…which was one of my favorites way back when I was in highschool…BOOO Universal….bad managing.Here at the Shrek 4D movie. It was cute.

We ended day 1 at Islands of Adventures because we were too excited to get to Harry Potter and I totally forgot J doesn’t ride Roller Coasters (what a loser..lol…jk). So we breezed right on through Universal in like 4 hours and had plenty of time for Islands of Adventure.

Day 2: At the Universal City Walk. J wanted to go to Bob Marley’s restaurant so bad, but they opened late in the day and we were just a bit too early (and drenched from the rain).End our vacation at a wonderful restaurant with good food, music, dancing, and live singing. I have video footage of the dancers and band (and I might upload it at a later date).

See my other post to enjoy the Harry Potter Wizarding World at Islands of Adventure.

So this post was not as extensive as our vacation. We rode other rides, including: Simpsons, Men in Black, Jaws, The Mummy, Shrek 4D, Harry Potter, Poseidon’s Fury, Terminator, Spiderman, Twister, and ET. We ate at Cookes of Dublin, Ghiradeli, Whole Foods, The Three Sisters- Boar’s Head Bar, Mythos, &¬†Raglan Road.


2 thoughts on “Overdue Orlando Photos

  1. Thanks! Was he a lego statue? We didn’t go into the Lego store…J would have wanted to buy something so we skipped it. LOL

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