Feather Hair Extensions

I’m liking the feather extensions I put in yesterday. This is a glimpse at what they look like: 

I bought three different batches from three different vendors because I was not sure what to expect.

My first batch is the most expensive bunch of feathers from http://www.foxyfeathers.com .  The feathers can be bought in spears or jewelry, but they have beautiful feathers to choose from.


The second bunch of feathers I purchased from http://www.dohairextensions.com and they were nice quality with fast shipping, but the number of feathers was not enough to get a good bunch in my hair. I also had to wait a while for the teal feathers to come back into stock because they had such a rush in orders.  

The third order was from an etsy shop named LuxePlumes and the shipping was the slowest to process, ship, and receive, but the price was okay for what I got.

Out of the three vendors- I liked the foxyfeathers the best! They had very nice feathers, nice packaging, and decent delivery time. The feathers can be purchased in spears so it is easy to clip into hair and actually see them.

Let me know what/how you feel about feathers in your hair?


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