Our Favorites in Central Oregon

Here are just a few photos from Oregon. I will upload a ton more when I get home and upload from our camera. All the photos below were shot with my i-phone. Sorry about the quality.

Here we are at the peak of Paulina’s Peak. 7500 ft high. The lake is in the background and we left here to walk on obsideon field between the two lakes.

Lake Paulina20110728-102611.jpg

Pie at Shari’s in Bend. This was the s’mores pie. 20110728-102632.jpg

This was the peanut butter silk pie.20110728-102643.jpg

We went to Sisters the next day. The guys took a break for a photo.20110728-102716.jpg

Downtown Sisters, Oregon20110728-102743.jpg

The cupcake from the local Bakery. Yummy!20110728-102758.jpg

Here we went to Smith Rock. After I had half that cupcake=horrible idea. We hiked around down by the river and up a few sides. It was gorgeous and energizing!


River by Smith Rock



Thursday we drove to Crater Lake. WOW!!! 20110728-102942.jpg


Look closely at the Crater lake and you’ll see a phantom ship.


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