Setting up the Classroom

Start of the year is coming so fast. I have been up to the school a few times this summer and here are a few pictures of how it’s going.

I have two large lab closets in the back of my room and they were crammed full of stuff over the summer. I spent about 5 hours unloading, organizing, labeling, and repacking the closet so that it will be easier for me to find materials when I am setting up for a lab.

The top of one of my lab closet has all the art and office supplies organized and ready to go.

As I finished organizing the top of my closet, I began working on the rest and organized all the lab equipment in the large tubs.  Yay! Done!

Then the next day I worked on my walls. I am still not too happy with them this year. I will be choosing a different theme next year and I’m more excited about decorating next year than this year.

The red board below is for the student’s work to be hung. The tubs below the board are for the students to turn in their work.

The other side of my classroom with the computers. I used scraps to cover the computer screens.


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