Training for 13.1

The Half Marathon I plan on running is in December. I only have two months to train hard for it and I have been slacking so much lately that I don’t even know if it is going to happen. I mean, I’ll definately go to the race- but I’ll be so nervous that I won’t finish.

Anyways, after the 5K this past weekend and my times that were not good, I took the week off to let my bruised shins recover. I ran a bit at Runner’s Club on Thursday at school and then I planned on running Saturday to catch up for the week. I ran 4.29 miles in 50 minutes today. I know that is horrible- but to be honest, I hadn’t ran all week and I walked a bit this morning. The map below is the trail I ran. I looped a lot so it doesn’t look like much but it’s all there. The back road where the 1 is, is also where the mile 4 marker is. Somehow it just happened that way. I think I’ll post every Saturday about how the training is going to motivate myself.

As far as feeling tired, nope, I am still going strong today, but tonight at the concert, I’ll probably die… not literally…

I tried out the heart rate monitor today and my new iPhone arm-band. The band was great and didn’t slide- but it stayed sweaty and didn’t dry out easily- YUCK! The heart rate monitor did it’s job, didn’t slide and washed off easily- YAY!


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