The one with Weekend Concerts

J and I had a busy weekend with lots of fun! We planned to go to the Lewisville Western Festival to see a concert with some friends and on Saturday to go see Journey in concert.

One of my dear students gave me tickets to get into the Festival for free and we met up with our friends at the gate. The Festival was pretty nice. There were a few booths selling items and a few booths with food. The main events were the Blow-up houses and the concerts. Friday night line up was No Justice and the Josh Abbott Band.

Please don’t mind the picture quality. It was on my iPhone. These phones are great and take good pictures, but definately not the best. No Justice performed below:

J and I were enjoying the music. The quality here is the worst because the iPhone takes horrible pictures of when turned on reverse mode.

Below is the Josh Abbott Band:

The music was great, the crowd was friendly and even though we had never heard of the Josh Abbott Band before- we enjoyed our time. We would see them again in concert if we had the time. I liked that a lot of people were dancing in the crowd. And I don’t mean dirty dancing, I mean western swing dancing…. It was awesome. Next time I see it, I’ll definately video record it. It made me jealous to see all the couples dancing. J and I don’t know how to dance like that and I don’t even think J would ever learn… Haha….

Then on Saturday Night we went to GEXA for the Journey and Foreigner Concert. After sitting in horrible traffic and waiting forever to get to a parking spot, we entered the massively crowded lawn. We arrived just in time to watch Foreigner go on stage and got seats on the last row on the lawn. So much for leaving the house early, it didn’t help much. We heard a lot of people say they “have never seen the GEXA this crowded” ever. That’s cool for Journey.

Foreigner was great. We really enjoyed this performance because it was so classic 80’s. I mean they looked and acted just like they did in the 80’s. Haha.

Foreigner sang “Double Vision”, “Cold As Ice”, “Waiting for a Girl Like You”, “Feels Like the First Time”, “Urgent”, “I Wanna know What Love is”, and “Jukebox Hero”. I loved it!!

Then Journey entered:

Journey was awesome too. Sounded so perfect! The crowd behind us was a little annoying, but doesn’t that happen at every concert. There is always that obnoxious person that stands behind you talking the entire concert- or those women that shout at each other because her man blah blah blah…. But it was a fun night. We will definately buy seats next time we go to a concert though. The lawn was too crowded and we were way too far away to fully enjoy the music.

Ended our night with “Don’t Stop Believing” and then a trip to IHOP. YAY!


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