Boots were made for walking…

My shoes finally arrived and how cute are they! I had been searching for a good quality boot that looked like Teddy Duncan’s from “Good Luck Charlie”. So I ordered from

They are just adorable. I cannot wait to wear them to work tomorrow with my skinny jeans tucked in and some socks peeking out. I didn’t even know they were Fergie’s brand shoes until they arrived and I saw the box. The are called the Ledger Too.

I love the service at Piperlime. They worked with me on the phone after they had to cancel my order due to lack of stock in the size 8- but then I ordered my true size (7.5) and they fit just fine. (So much for reading the reviews telling me to order bigger sizes- other people must have very muscular calves or something. Mine fit perfectly over my jeans. So I didn’t need to go any sizes bigger anyway)

They are just like the pictures online.  Even the color was nice. I know the quality of my photo is not nice- but trust me, the color is nice. I am so happy with them. And I got them with coupon codes. Woohoo!

Now on to some more boot shopping…

These four boots were found at Target. Now- nobody can argue with the price. They look nice, and they seem to be nice quality at glance.

I love these boots, but Just could not decide on Black or Tan. I think I’ll head back for the Black. I have a feeling this style will go out of ‘style’ by next year, so I wouldn’t have to waste a ton of money on these.

The boots above are pretty standard. Nothing too fancy about them. I think that the price is okay for what you get.

I really liked the camel color of these boots and almost bought them. But I just didn’t want the zipper on the outside of my leg. Hmmm

This would have been the boots I purchased. 10 dollars cheaper than the standard looking boot, and a cute buckle on the back of your calf. Nice quality. Only concern would be since it is not real leather- how would it hold up with scratches or scuffs. These would be a one or two year boot max.

Off to another store. See ya laters!


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