Christmas on a Budget

My Christmas shopping technically started last week but this week is my “go get it” week for all the Christmas gifts. I collect ideas, search the papers, use resources and coupons, then attack the stores…Hahaha. well not really. But I do plan and shop a lot this week. I’ll post after “Black Friday” to show you our shopping expedition.

Here are the gifts I’ve bought so far (and the deals I’ve scored):

AHAVA Mineral Body Wash ($22 at Ulta- My final price= Free) I am an Ulta rewards customer and earned this little freebie for purchasing a lot at Ulta over the last 6 months. I can gift it or keep it for myself because Bath and Body Works had a crazy sale… and I personally like Ahava better for me…)

Next I visited Bath and Body Works a few times. Yes I know that this stuff is not the best for your skin… but everybody wants it as a gift. Plus the sales women are so friendly and they make returns easy for any gift receiver. The deals for a few days were “Buy 3 Get 3 Free” which equated to me stocking up on over 12 bottles of lotion and body wash. I also used my $10 off coupon so I only spent $45 on all 12 bottles (That’s less than $4.00 a bottle) Woohoo! I also got a free pair of Aroma socks and a small 3 oz bottle of Secret wonderland. Cannot beat a good deal with freebies…


JCPenney has so many cute clothes- but I’m not posting the sweaters I bought for myself. This past weekend they had a coupon for get $10 off any purchase and I found this shirt for my Pawpaw for $12. I used the coupon and only spent around $3.00 (with tax). Wow.

Walgreens has some great deals going for kids. I found these Mr. Potato Heads for 6.99 and you get the second one free. That’s $7 for 2 toys! They also had a mermaid Mrs. Potato Head to match the Pirate Spud (how cute).

Again at Walgreens- I bought a sweet little gift for a Bday present 2 for 6.99!

Walgreens has some great gag gift ideas for the humorous at heart. I love the selection of “Christmas Story”, “Rudolph”, “Charlie Brown” and “Pooh” toys, cards, bags, and stuffed animals. I got the FFFFUDGE for some co-workers- yummy and funny! (2 for $5)


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