New Goal: HIIT Treadmill Workouts

Starting tomorrow I plan on starting the challenges on this page and this page.

My goal is to try to get back into the swing of exercising and focus on my training for a half marathon. (I did not do the Dallas White Rock because of the cold & rain).

The next half marathon is in February and I would like to try to accomplish it in under 2 hrs 30 min. I know this can be done easily for many people- but this being my very first 13.1 miler- I would like to just jog the whole race without any misteps or walking!

So the training will start tomorrow with my first HIIT training session on the treadmill. You can follow along or try them yourself. Check my page to see progress.

HIIT Treadmill- 20 minutes
5 minute slow warm-up- building up to 4.0 speed
(30 sec Sprint at 7.0 speed w/ 90 sec Rest at 4.0 speed)  Repeat 6x
5 minute gradual cool-down- from 4.0 speed down to 0 speed

Distance Running- 45-60 minutes
Pace yourself to do what you can

HIIT Treadmill- 20 minutes
(see above Tuesday’s workout)
If 6.0 speed is easy- increase Sprint


Distance Running-50-70 minute jog outside


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