In the meantime…

kay… so I went grocery shopping in the rain today. It was horrid. I mean not only was I not prepared for the rain and I didn’t have an umbrella or rain coat, but it was also crowded. Not fun!

I made a list of items to purchase so that I could do the blueprint cleanse this week check out my previous post if you are interested: here

But I also had a long list of dinners to prepare this week because I’m off work and I wanted to try a few things for J. I feel bad during work weeks because I get off too late to cook or I don’t have any energy.

So my grocery bill ended up being over $300 and I had to stop by another store just to get all the organic ingredients for the cleanse. Crazy.

But tonight for dinner we fixed some vegetarian Mexican cuisine: Below is my modification of the “Naughty & Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole”dish by Oh She Glows!- Check out her recipe here

I  modified by using ‘real’ cheese and tortilla crackers instead of the multigrain crackers. This changed the look a bit but it tasted great. I think next time I’m going to make the tomato paste thinner.  Please excuse my horrible iPhone pictures.

The other dish was a “skinny corn casserole” dish as a side. This dish I found on pinterest and I guess I didn’t leave it in the oven long enough because it was still pretty gooey. But it had a good taste. I just couldn’t get past the texture and goo.

Tomorrow I’ll be juicing, mixing, blending, and cleansing. J can have left over caserole and I’ll be sipping on some healthy juices. I cannot wait till the Cashew Milk. I’m soaking the cashews right now.


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