Day 1: DIY juice cleanse- part 1

So this will be part 1 of Day 1 BPC DIY:

Yesterday I purchased roughly between 3-5 days worth of fruits and vegetables to do the “blueprint cleanse” on my own. I researched and came up with the recipes to do the cleanse and here I am on day one.

Wash all veggies and fruits I am going to use today. Separate and slice to fit in my juicer. The juicer I have is nothing special or grand- I ordered it last year from ‘Bed, Bath, & Beyond’ and I have been a little pleased with it. It gets the job done when I need it to.

Below are the green veggies ready to go in the juicer. I was preparing two servings of the #1 Green Juice (which will get me 4-5 glasses). You can see Kale, Parsley, Cucumbers, Celery, and romaine here:

Below you see the juicer I have and the two bowls that I tried to juice at once. It didn’t work- I had to unload and rinse out the solids midway through the juicing just to make it to the end of the large pile of apples in the blue bowl below:

Below is the blue bowl with Spinach, Lemons, and Granny Smith Apples.

After the juicing I ended up with three servings of Green Juice in the mason jar below and a fourth serving in a glass that I drank right away (talk about starving). It was yummy. Below you can also see that I labeled the green juice for 1, 3, and 5 which will be my amounts for today. I think I’m going to skip the beet juic (CAB) until tomorrow- I don’t much like beet juice (so that means I can replace #5 with the green juice as I planned. You also see below my #2 Gold P.A.M. Juice. IT was mixed up right after I finished the green juice. BTW- they look a bit foamy, but actually it was really good.

Here is how I decided to take care of #2 Gold P.A.M. juice. I decided to juice the entire pineapple so that I wouldn’t have to store it in my fridge in slices. This saved me a container and time cleaning the juicer. Then I juiced the remaining apples with some mint sprigs. When I need to drink the #2 Gold P.A.M. juice- I will just mix appropriate amounts in the P.A.M. jar below (with blue lid) and enjoy. This juice was amazing. Of course I love pineapple and with the apple and mint it was just wonderful. Mine are more vibrant colors than the actual BPC and it makes me wonder if theirs is watered down or if I just have too much foam. Probably a little bit of both.

I enjoyed my #3 Green Juice from this morning. I poured it in a glass and chugged. Very good. I didn’t photograph the glass because you can see what it looks like above.

Below is my version of #4 Yellow- Spicy Lemonade. I love this drink and have tried the Master Cleanse a while ago- but I used my Organic Raw Blue Agave instead of my Raw Agave or Maple Syrup. I am trying to use up certain products in my pantry before using new products. I couldn’t drink all of this and you’ll find out why later in part 2…

That’s all for part 1. I’ll get back to you for part 2 of Day 1: DIY juice cleanse. I cannot wait to try out the #6 White- Cashew milk drink. My cashews have been soaking and are just about ready to blend.



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