Day 1: DIY juice cleanse part 2

This is the second part to the “Blueprint Cleanse” DIY. I finished up the day with the final juice and then broke down the cost for each idividual juice.

First let’s talk about the #6 White- Cashew Milk juice. I bought organic raw cashews and let 1 cup soak overnight. Then I poured them and the water into the blender. I added 2 more cups of filtered water to make it a total of 4 cups water and 1 cup cashews. Then blended. After the mixture looked like water- I added 3 Tbs. Agave Nectar, 1/2 tsp. cinnamon, and 1 tsp. vanilla. Then blended well. I poured it into a large jar and put it in the freezer. I was hoping it would turn slushy.

When time came- I opened the freezer and poured some of the milk for my evening drink. #6 was good- but I think next time I’m going to strain with a cheesecloth. There was so much cashew bits in the bottom of my glass that I was getting sick drinking it. I either drank too much or am slightly allergic to the cashews. I had to pour out the cashew bits and sip on water for the rest of the night. (I will probably drink the rest of this and maybe make some more- but it will be sipped after straining with a cloth and in much smaller amounts.) I’d rather stick to my organic-unsweetened almond milk and add cinnamon/vanilla for flavor.

Now the cost of making the Juices for “BPC”:

#1, 3, & 5 Green Juice:

This juice calls for a lot of ingredients and it took a while to make- but if made in one big batch- you can make it and be done for the day. Total for this drink was $2.82. I do think that this is about the same price as any green juice or green smoothie you can buy at the store. The difference is that you actually made it, you know what goes in it, and you can be assured that you do not add any sugar beyond what is in the fruits/veggies you juice. You can probably save money by buying non-organic produce, but that is your choice. This is a keeper for the price.

#2 Gold- P.A.M. Juice:

I spent around $11.50 for the pineapple, apples, and mint. This makes three glasses total which equates to a very expensive juice at $3.83 a glass. I’ll just eat my pineapple fresh.

#4 Yellow- Spicy Lemonade:

The cost of organic lemons is about 3 for $1 at my local grocer. I bought 24 for $5.00 and I already had a bottle of cayenne pepper but it was $5.00. Then a bottle of agave nectar runs around $3.57. Total spent was $13.57. This makes about 12 drinks which equates to around $1.13 a glass. I do think this is worth it. Flavored water with a spice is a great way to drink your 8 glasses. Plus the cayenne pepper will last way beyond the 12 drinks you can make. When you take that into account the drink actually drops to around $0.75 a glass.

#6 White- Cashew Milk:

The cost of cashews at $11.50/lb and the agave nectar at $3.57 a bottle- you can buy all the products to make this cashew milk (also including the cinnamon & vanilla) for around $26.05 if you buy organic. This is one pound raw cashews, 1 bottle organic agave nectar, 1 jar organic cinnamon, and 1 jar organic vanilla. You can make 12 servings with this purchase and this totals out to be $2.17 a glass. That’s cheaper than a starbucks latte; but the same price as a carton of almond milk. I’ll stick to unsweetened almond milk. Cheaper and less calories.

Total for an entire day of the real “Blueprint Cleanse” costs $65 and has expensive shipping costs.

Total for an entire day of my BPC DIY costs $15.59

I can get 4 days worth of juice for less than the 1 day at “Blueprint Cleanse”. I guess you pay for convenience. IT was hard work juicing all morning. And I’ll have to start juicing again tomorrow morning too. But the cost difference is well worth it.

P.S. I made some christmas treats for J and myself. Below are the Holiday Cups which are a total of 230 calories.


1-1/3 cups Dried Cranberries (I used cherry flavor craisins)
1 cup pistachios
6 blocks melting chocolate


Using a muffin pan and muffin paper cups- pour 1/12 cup pistachios into each cup and 1/10 cup cranberries into each cup. Melt the chocolate and then spoon the chocolate in equal parts over the nuts & berries. The chocolate will harden and the colors of red & green will show through a bit in the chocolate! Enjoy!

Below is chex cereal, pretzels, and peanuts covered in candy chocolate. J loves this stuff.

What types of Christmas Candy do you make for the holidays?


2 thoughts on “Day 1: DIY juice cleanse part 2

  1. Your work with the BPC is impressive and the cups look so yummmyyyyyy !!! Can’t wait to make some !!! Thanks for sharing !

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