A little Motivation to Move!


Sometimes all a girl needs is some motivation. Some new duds will do the trick. Especially if you are trying them out for the first time and it is freezing cold today. That and the vet said Lady needed to be down below 20 lb. instead of at 21 lb. So I’ll take her along too. Check out the cuteness of this new lululemon zip hoodie and running tights I got. With free overnight shipping I might add!

Okay, so not a good picture of my jacket right above- but the wrist photos below show some of the cuteness. I definately used the mittens to cover my hands while running on the windy roads. The chill in the air was too much for my fingers.


Overall, Lady was great on the run. I however, well, let’s just say I’ll be doing this again tonight..haha… Off to drink some Green Juice. YUM!


6 thoughts on “A little Motivation to Move!

    • I think I’m obsessed with Lululemon now too! Hah! They just design their clothes and gear with the athlete in mind and it always looks and feels so nice!

      • Exactly! It also lasts forever. I have a top I bought from their store in Toronto almost 10 years ago that’s still in great shape. OK, they’re going to have to start paying us soon!

    • Haha. I agree!

      Have you tried any other brands that compare? It stays hot in Texas so long that I only have a few pair of long underarmour pants and the lululemon seem to be softer.

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