Pork Chops for J

I don’t normally cook much meat. Especially since last year I flirted with the whole vegan lifestyle. I’ll say that J probably suffered more from the experience than I did since I don’t like meat much anyways. So I planned to make some nice meals with meat for him this week. Above is a pork chop with spices and a side of warm cinnamon applesauce and green beans. Yum. J actually ate 3 pork chops- which I dare say is not very healthy- but hey- he works hard and I guess he is making up for all those days I made ‘meat free’ meals. Haha.

Yesterday we watched our favorite Christmas movie by the fire. J absolutely loves “National Lampoons A Christmas Vacation” and Lady was really interested in the scene where the dog chases the squirrel around the house.

Hah– “My what big ears you have Lady!”

I cannot wait until Christmas! Today I ran errands for the mini celebration we plan on having Saturday night (Christmas Eve).

On the menu:

Puppy Chow:

Pizza Pinwheels:

Lemon Cheesecake Ball:


We drove around tonight looking at Christmas lights. I used the Keurig to make some milk chocolate and poured it into some mugs- then we jumped in the car to ride around. It was all fun until the Radio Dalila- decided to keep playing commercials, the hot chocolate tasted like water (and burned my tongue) and most of the houses were not decorated. Makes you wonder why?

On a brighter side-here is my favorite of the night:

I know it might be hard to tell what is in the picture above- as J was driving in the dark and we were trying to take a photo with my iPhone. They have the whole gang from “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”- original movie. Hermey, the misfits, Clarice, Sam the Snowman, and the Abominable Snow monster- Bumble. It was great! Made me want to watch it now. Their yard was so cute!

Oh yeah here’s a photo of Lady after her hair cut today. “My what big eyes you have!”

“of course the better to see you with… I know…I know…”


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