Christmas 2011- a two day celebration

This post is for the family members that weren’t able to celebrate with us this lovely holiday. I do hope you enjoy the pictures. I tried to choose a few of my favorite photos for you to enjoy and I do hope your two day celebration was just as enjoyable! Brandon- we miss you so very much! Mom was teary eyed most of these two days and I hate that you weren’t here to be with us! WE LOVE YOU!

Here’s Lady all mischevious… Hehehe

Countdown- Snoopy is a good dog just lying there on the roof- instead Lady has to mush down all our couch cushions and pillows when she lounges around…Hmph! 1 day to go till Santa comes!

My Christmas Village.

We planned to have a mini Holiday Celebration on Christmas Eve for family to play games and drink Hot Cocoa. Here are the Keurig drinks for our Christmas Eve party-choose a Flavor station. My favorite is the Apple Cider.

The Holiday Crackers-

Here we are all in our Holiday Cracker Crowns… lol

Twas the night before Christmas- when all through the house- not a creature was stirring not even a mouse… We were about to play games here…

Well, Lady was stirring. She had to be in everybody’s business. Love her though!

Then Christmas Morning- there arose such a clatter…

J’s stocking. I didn’t get one this year…

because he got me an iPad. Excuse the no makeup- bed head, tired eyes look..

Later that morning we dressed and headed over to my parents house for Breakfast. J in his new pearl snap shirt, khaki pants and with his new RoadID. I got the quote “Aim to Misbehave” on it because Firefly and Serenity were awesome tv shows/movies.

Mom & Dad opening some presents

Us opening presents

The breakfast Mom and Dad made- the biscuits and gravy are Dad’s specialty and yes those are grits next to the eggs on my plate.

Evening Xmas- Sister is chatting with me. J was randomly snapping photos of us and I’m sure E will love this one. Haha. Sorry E- J got side tracked and didn’t finish taking too many photos.

J’s Mom & Dad opening gifts

A Wonderful 2 Days filled with Family, Food, Gifts, & Love! Thanks to all my family and I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas.

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!”


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