A few of my favorite things…& Runner stuff…

Before I list my favorite things right now, I thought I’d start with a simple recipe for some healthy drinking water. Slice one lemon…

Then slice half a cucumber (I removed some of the peel). Add some fresh mint and ginger.

Fill with a liter of water and enjoy throughout the day. If you’ve read Hunger Games then you know mint suppresses appetite. The ginger speeds up metabolism a bit and settles upset stomach. The lemon and cucumber is a diuretic.

And here is the list of items I’m loving right now:

Lululemon water bottle with a cute saying:










Lululemon motivation cards.

I want one of these cards with a list of “great excuses not to [run]”:

M.A.C lipsticks because of their moisture in this dry winter.

Fossil wallet- to hold all my stuff. This was a gift for me. Thanks mom!

The Art of Racing in the Rain I am loving this book right now. That and The Alchemist which is on my iPad.

Lululemon stuff again: this “Run:Stay On Course Jacket” was so warm today during my jog that I almost had to take it off. Luckily it was cold so I didn’t. I definately know what I’ll be wearing as it gets colder.

And the nice thing is that the jacket is quality. Made by real athletes that know and understand what it is like to be out in the cold. I can flip the gloves down over my hands and instant mittens. Or just push my thumb through the hole to keep the sleeves down around my cold knuckles.


Today was a great jog with Lady outside and then on the treadmill to do the HIIT Treadmill. I also talked my sis’n’law into joining me for the Cowtown 5K. She said she wanted to get into running. YAY!


What book is on your nightstand?


4 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things…& Runner stuff…

  1. Love the Lululemon water bottle! Also, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is one of my favorite books! Such a different concept having it be from the dog’s perspective. Love it!

    • I cried during the first chapter of “The Art of Racing in the Rain” because I felt horrible for the dog. I love the book so far!

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