Eco Friendly Ideas & Lucy had a Sale

Sometimes I feel really motivated and then find some great Eco Friendly ideas that I want to try out. Amazon was my friend when trying to order those ideas and delivery was super fast. I recommend the glass bottle and Nellie’s Dryerballs to everyone now that I’ve used them a bit. See below:


I’m really liking the look and shape of this glass bottle. I am planning on using it for water daily to take to school. It seals nicely and won’t leak in my bag so when I just sling my bag on my shoulder it will be fine. It was also pretty easy to wash because it has a larger opening than most water bottles. These come in a few other colors and are easy to order on Amazon.

Nellie’s Dryerballs are the best. So far I have used them to dry 5 different loads of clothes and each time the clothes dry faster and are less wrinkled. It is so much better for the environment and my wallet than dryer sheets. The only question I still have is if it makes the clothes less staticky. J seems to have problems with his work shirts having too much static.  (Note- be careful when using these with clothes that unravel, I’ve read online that the dryerballs can cause certain items to unravel in the dryer. I haven’t experienced this yet- but I will be watching the items that I put in with these.)

I have not used this lunch box yet. Just washed it after I got it and so far I am impressed in the collapsibility and the fork/spoon that packs away in the lid. I am not really interested in silicone made products nor am I interested in the size (seems pretty small for my liking). But so far I think this product will be put to use.

And I like the bright color. Seems fun for a boring ole’ lunch.

So Lucy was having a sale online and I ordered a few items. The purchase came with a free gift that I am totally going to be using this week to lug my stuff around in. The picture below does not do this bag justice. It is so cute when open and not just lying there.

Longsleeve shirt was on sale. SCORE! Running Crops were on sale. SCORE!

And I have this jacket in Red and Purple, but why not have a Navy Blue. This will go with so many more clothes than the purple one.

Catch you later!


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