New York, New York– Day 2

Central Park was amazing! We were happily lost trying to find our way to great views of the nature, city, and park. We saw the castle/watch tower in the park and then headed towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

At the Met we saw some awesome sculptures from Italy and Greece. Then we headed to the paintings. We were looking for Monet and came across Van Gogh. They were amazing pieces of work.

After the Met we walked south down 5th avenue to get to FAO Schwartz and Tiffany’s & Co. The walk was great because the weather was so nice and all the trees were lush green. When we got to FAO we walked through the candy section and then up to the toys/legos. We enjoyed our time in here- bringing back the memories of childhood.

Muppets and Legos oh my!

At Tiffany’s mom and I were looking at the Rings and Charms. I found a signature Ring that had the address engraved all around the Band. Something to remind me of this vacation, the store, and of course- the movie “Breakfast @ Tiffany’s”. I love it!

After we shopping we walked to Grand Central Station to see what it was like. We weren’t planning on taking a train to anywhere, just seeing the building and looking for the Cheesecake bakery that Aunt Holly mentioned to mom. We got a little turned around on an elevator one time, but soon after that we found our way to the main concourse and then decided to get cheesecake from Juniors of Brooklyn. It was so delicious…. YUM!

On our way back from Grand Central Station we stopped in Times Square to take some pictures because the day before it was raining and we didn’t stop. Today was nice and we were on our way back to the hotel so we decided to stop and look around. It was busier than yesterday- full of tourists taking photos too. But the signs and lights are pretty impressive. Just like on the TV shows and Movies.


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