New York, New York– Day 3

Day 3 was mostly spent in Brooklyn. We caught the Subway to Clarke Street and met up with J.T. She was waiting for our delayed train at a local coffee shop just outside the Subway station. I forget the name of it, but it was a modern/college style coffee shop, with chalkbaord walls and wooden floors.

J.T. finished her muffin, grabbed her coffee and we all walked down to the Brooklyn Promenade (pictured above). The day was gorgeous and the city scape from here was amazing. We took a few photos then walked down the path to get to the pier, brooklyn bridge, and Dumbo.

Our lovely pathway led us to this old building that J.T. said they haven’t decided how to rebuild it. It gave us the opportunity to take some cool photos through all the large open windows.

Dumbo was a nice area for gatherings. There was a party, and wedding reception going on, as well as the usual tourists/locals visiting the Jane Carousel that was encased in glass overlooking the water.

The view below is just spectacular in person. Standing in the middle of the street, able to see the brooklen bridge like this….WOW!! I had to stop and take a picture.

We found Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and waited in line for about 30 minutes to get a seat. It was well worth it. The pizza was amazing. Awesome Brooklyn Pizza… YUM!!

We said good-bye to J.T. and she boarded the south/east train, while we boarded the north/west train to midtown. We got off at 34th street because we wanted to see the views from the Empire State Building. To be honest- I wasn’t really wanting to go there because we had already done the “Top of the Rock” and I wasn’t impressed with it much- but we went anyways. There was not a line, so we got right in and up to the 80th then 86th floors with no problems. When we went outside on the 86th floor I was so impressed with the clear view of the entire city and even the states in the distance. This view was so much better than “Top of the Rock” and I cannot believe that the travel books I read said to go to¬†Rockefeller instead of the Empire State Building. The view here was so much better.


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