Little bird is [almost] officially in her room…

Our little dove likes to sleep with her face covered, super quiet, and super dark. She loves to cuddle her blanket and smother her face in it as she falls asleep. We follow all safety precautions when placing her in the bed to sleep, however, she turns herself on her side to sleep. She has had very good head support practically since birth- so we do not worry about it too much anymore.


So we have been allowing her to sleep in our room in her small crib beside J’s side of the bed. We wake up anytime she cries, wiggles, or talks in her sleep. We tend to her every need and let’s just say it is tiring, but ever so rewarding.  Why is it rewarding you might ask… Well, she loves us, she needs us, she bonds with us, and she is HAPPY! I couldn’t have asked for a happier baby ever. She is smart, and quick at picking things up. A little stubborn when it comes to doing what she wants to do, but nothing terribly bad yet… We just love her and all her giggles.

So we moved a few items out of our room and into her bedroom (3 drawer carts, diaper changer, wipes warmer, diapers, clothes…).  Then J got the bed sensor and monitor working. We turned it on and down for her nap she goes…. well not really…

she sort of played for about 30 minutes– all over her bed, up on her knees trying to pull up, talking a lot, and then cried a bit. We charged into the room to scoop her up in our arms.

Trial two was much easier. She was so sleepy from not taking a nap the first time today that she practically fell asleep in my arms as I laid her down. And the third nap was even faster.

She will sleep in our bedroom for a few more nights just until we feel confident in her sleeping in her room (and that monitor thing). Our little bird is growing up!


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