First Time at the Park

Day off = family time! Family time means get out of the house and go to the Park…


I love having three day weekends when we don’t travel across country or have major projects to do. It means I can get caught up on housework and spend quality time with my daughter. Too bad the hubster had to work. I know he wanted to take her to the park too…

So her first time on a swing, on a slide, playing in (yucky) bark, and on a twirl-a-bout (or whatever you call those carousel looking rusty contraptions).


I busted my booty on the slide trying to hold on to her tightly. I didn’t want her to fly out of my arms at the end and instead of focusing on putting my feet flat to catch me– well I ended up sliding across the ‘yucky’ bark and dirt.


Here she is playing with the bark while I was dusting my pants off… You can see the skid mark in the background on the right. Haha!



Thanks Nana- for taking the pictures! And accompanying us to the park!




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