About Us

We live in FtW
Lady & our I-phones are our Pets
We are Madly in Love

She: Lots of books, clothes
Homemade vegan peanutbutter cups
Loves hot showers, movies, & pineapple
Likes making things, teaching, crafting
Proud University of Georgia grad
Prefers doing the laundry

He: lots of shoes, video games
Homemade pizza
Loves gaming, music, and Harrison Ford
Likes biking, golf, and music
Does deliveries
Takes out trash & unloads dishwasher

Littlebird: lots of  hair bows
Homemade toys
Loves green beans, snuggles, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Likes sing-alongs, blocks, and blanket
Does naps & chew toys
Crawls everywhere, pulls up and giggles

Lady: lots of hair
Loves bananas and clemintines
Likes dog treats and playing fetch
Does barking at neighbors cat
Runs around the furniture in house, sleeps in our bed

We were married June 11, 2009
In Maui, Hawaii
We are all about family, southern manners, & good food.


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