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Thanksgiving Tofu

Happy ‘Turkey’ Day I mean Happy ‘Tofu’ Day So here I am planning out the cooking day. I hand selected only the best recipes for this feat and I am bound and determined to make a Vegan Thanksgiving. J and I celebrated with my parents last night since they were driving to AL for Thanksgiving. J … Continue reading

Halloween Dinner

Welcome to my Halloween Dinner Party. This was a long day cooking, but it was all totally worth it. I absolutely love Halloween, the colors, the pumpkins, the parties….everything about this holiday! So here’s the scoop on the party. First, I prepared Homemade Pumpkin Butter. It is very yummy btw. I dressed them up in … Continue reading

Rustic Pasta for Din Din!

I forgot to add that dinner  yesterday was planned and Yummy!!! I absolutely love Alicia Silverstone and her “The Kind Diet” book. I have used this recipe before, modifying it based on what was in my fridge. Tonight, I actually cooked it more close to her exact recipe from the Book “The Kind Diet”. Ingredients: -1/4 pound pasta … Continue reading