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She is 9 Months old

And the little one is growing up so very fast. She is still under 20 pounds but gaining weight nicely. She has gotten taller (because she can reach on top of counters she could not reach a month ago). She loves to eat green beans, broccoli, cereal, and cookies (all organic foods). We are still … Continue reading

First Time at the Park

Day off = family time! Family time means get out of the house and go to the Park… I love having three day weekends when we don’t travel across country or have major projects to do. It means I can get caught up on housework and spend quality time with my daughter. Too bad the … Continue reading

Hmm… I’m such a Procrastinator

So I am spending all…….. day practically trying to get everything turned in for my Technology Integration Academy for my school district. I am still a huge procrastinator. I always have been one of those people that waits until the very last minute to complete anything. It motivates me to be under crunch time and … Continue reading