Life List

Fall in Love
Get Married in Hawaii
Raise a Puppy-King Charles Cavalier
Own a house
Have children
Make a difference in children’s lives forever…
Rescue a doggie
Try my best to be vegan for a year
Run a 5K (Wild Wild West 2006, Run in the Dark 2010, Trinity 2010)
Run a 10K or Half Marathon
Snorkel in the Ocean (see octopus squirt and sea turtle chase me)
Swim in Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, & Pacific Ocean
Travel to Switzerland, Germany, & France (June 11-19, 2011)
Travel to London (June 20-22, 2011)
Travel to New Zealand
Travel to Oregon
Travel to London, Scotland, & Ireland again
Travel to New York, Massachutes, Alaska, and Wyoming again
Drive down to San Antonio-walk the river
Ride a Horse on the Beach
Take a Cruise with my Husband
Cook a Thanksgiving Dinner
Cook a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner
Plant some in the back yard
Learn & go Line Dancing
See a live Concert-George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Dave Matthews Band, Hoobastank, Randy Rogers Band, Sum 41, Bush…
See Dallas Mavericks play at AA
See Georgia Bulldogs play in a Bowl Game (Independence Bowl 2010)
See the Nutcracker Ballet w/Mom
See Wicked in theatre
See a Rodeo
See Willie Nelson perform live
Visit the Texas State Fair- 2010
Go to one movie Premier to see the stars on red carpet
Write and Illustrate a Children’s Story
Plant a Tree and watch it grow tall and strong
Paint a Picture worthy of being hung in my home
Have a vegetable garden that yields enough for a yummy salad
Learn another language
Go jet skiing again
Float a River
Host a Jane Austen Book Club
Have one fabulous Halloween Party
Let J decorate the house for Christmas- Griswold Style at least once
Have Christmas at the beach one year and in a snow covered cottage another

One thought on “Life List

  1. I love these lists! Looks like you have achieved a lot already with many more exciting adventures to come 😀

    All the best
    Betty xxx

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