Training for 13.1

Training for the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon this December 2011.


4 months till Race Day!!

  • August 6: 40 minute run/walk treadmill
  • August 9: 30 minute run/walk & 30 minute elliptical & Hip Hop Class 1-hr
  • August 12: 35-minute run/walk & 30-minute elliptical

Notes: I have been doing a good job of going to the gym every few days. I have gotten used to the machines and enjoy the Hip Hop Dance Class. The workouts seem to be getting easier each day. If I can just stay motivated…

Week 1

  • August 14: Rest
  • August 15: 37-minute run/walk 3.1 miles
  • August 16: 27-minute walk 2.2 miles
  • August 17: 12-minute walk/run .9 miles (arm weights)
  • August 18: 36-minute run/walk 3.1 miles
  • August 19: Rest
  • August 20: 55-minute run/walk 4 miles

Notes: All training took place in the gym on a treadmill except Wednesday. We took Lady for a walk after work Wednesday and ran the distance back to the house. It was a good work out for her, but not the best for me. I felt strongest on Saturday when I beat all my records for each mile. The rush of energy I had that night after the run was amazing!!

Totals for the week:
Treadmill- 155-minutes; Outdoor Walk- 12-minutes; Weights-1x

Week 2

  • August 21: Rest
  • August 22:
  • August 23:
  • August 24: 35-minute run/walk 3.02 miles (arm weights)
  • August 25:
  • August 26: Rest
  • August 27: 45-minute run/walk 4 miles (8-minute cool down)

Notes: This week I went back to work. I was exhausted most nights and in such a rush in the mornings that I didn’t make it to the gym. I did take my gym bag with me everyday- so that couldn’t be an excuse. I’ll try something else to motivate me when I’m tired. I have been eating healthier since school started back.

Totals for the week:
Treadmill- 80-minutes; Outdoor Walk- 0-minutes; Weights-1x
7 miles total

Week 3

  • August 28: Rest
  • August 29: 10-minute elliptical, 12-minute treadmill 1 mi, & 15-minute outdoor walk 1-mi
  • August 30: 34-minute treadmill 3.1 miles
  • August 31: Rest
  • September 1: Rest
  • September 2: Rest
  • September 3: 1.05 hr-minutes Outdoor jog 5 mi, 12-minute outdoor jog w/Lady 1 mi

Notes: Well I tried to get my Monday groove on- but while at the gym I got to feeling sick and had to head home. J did walk Lady with me that night. Tuesday was great-mom went to the gym with me and I was really motivated to get my miles in. Wed & Thurs. I was working late because of MYT. Saturday I met a friend at a park and we jogged & walked 5 miles. I was tired because this was the first time I’ve ran outside up and down small hills. We made it in an hour. Then on the way driving home I tried my first GU and then jogged w/ Lady. So pumped to start next week’s training and see results.

Totals for the week:
Treadmill- 46-minutes; Outdoor Jog-1 hr 20 -minutes;
12 miles total

3 months left till Race Day!!

Week 4

  • September 4: Rest
  • September 5: 30-minute Treadmill 2 mi + 12-min Outdoor run 1 mi (w/Lady)
  • September 6: Skipped out
  • September 7: Skipped out
  • September 8: 20-minute Outdoor run/walk 1.72 mi
  • September 9: Rest
  • September 10: 42-minute Outdoor jog 4 mi

Notes: Well I can’t come up with any excuses for my skipping out. I had a great run on Saturday though and I finally got my garmin. It works GREAT!! I cannot believe I used to run without one.

Totals for the week:
Treadmill-30-minutes; Outdoor Walk-74-minutes; Weights-0x

Week 5

  • September 11: Rest
  • September 12: 28-minute Outdoor run/walk 1.73 mi
  • September 13: Skipped out
  • September 14: Skipped out
  • September 15: 9-min Outdoor run @ Runner’s Club, + walk ¼ mile on Track
  • September 16: Rest
  • September 17: Run in the Dark 5K 33.04 min

Totals for the week:
Treadmill-0-minutes; Outdoor Jog-70-minutes; Weights-0x

Week 6

  • September 18: 11-minute Outdoor jog 1.1 miles w/ Lady
  • September 19: Skipped out
  • September 20: Skipped out
  • September 21: Skipped out
  • September 22: 7-minute half mile at Runner’s Club
  • September 23: Skipped out
  • September 24: 52-minute Outdoor jog 4.29 miles (some w/lady)

Totals for the week:
Treadmill-0-minutes; Outdoor Jog-70-minutes; Weights-0x

Notes: I had a busy week, but I’m proud of my Saturday run. The 52 minutes was actually 50 because I stopped at home to put a colar and leash on Lady to finish my run with her. I like when Lady does the last mile with me because she makes me run faster at the end. Plus I was so tired that her pulling me with the leash was motivation to keep going. Either that or fall on the sidewalk and eat dirt. Check out my plans this weekend:

  1. Friday the Josh Abbott & No Justice Concert in Lewisville Festival w/Friends
  2. Saturday the Journey & Foreigner Concert at the GEXA

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