Hmm… I’m such a Procrastinator

So I am spending all…….. day practically trying to get everything turned in for my Technology Integration Academy for my school district. I am still a huge procrastinator. I always have been one of those people that waits until the very last minute to complete anything. It motivates me to be under crunch time and that is how I work best I suppose.

I have all these modules and videos to watch about implementing technology that follows the SAMR model. The real catch is that I have to create a bunch of things (all in one day) and video record how I created them (what…..why…..). To make me better!

Some things that I am trying:

  1. Smore
  2. Screencast o’matic
  3. Google docs (google forms)
  4. Socrative
  5. Piktochart
  6. doceri
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Pixton

I have used Khan Academy videos in the past as well as Screencast o’matic. I have only just started using doceri this school year and so far I like it enough to continue using it.

As far as the new things for me… I am loving Smore and Google docs. Pixton and Piktochart were not as easy to use for the task I had to do. Which I am glad to have created something using all of these. Practice allows me to see and feel how the students would be utilizing the tools.

~~~~ I took a break from this post for about 8 hours and ran some errands and finished the cohort assignments… Whew! Now on to new things…




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