This is just a log for running.

September 30, 2006: Completed my first 5K with Jared. Placed 23 out of 95 females. Placed 3rd out of my Age range…woohoo…Time- 26:30. I averaged 8:5/mi

Notes: First 5K ever. J lost his shoe and had me laughing as I crossed the finish line. Hahah, slowed me down. Had so much fun. Even won in a raffle- got $100 to spend on some shoes at Luke’s Locker.

September 18, 2010: Completed the 5K Run in 32:47.00. I averaged 10:35/mi

Notes: September 18, 2010 at 7:00 pm– 5K

The Run in the Dark was Awesome. Saw a few friends. J ran with me the whole time. We pushed each other to do something that we were both totally out of shape for. But I feel great today (Sunday) and I want to do it again soon!! I’ve been named co-captain of Runner’s Club with Tiffany and we are going to have some great goals this year for the school!!

October 2: Completed the 5K Run in 31:52.00. I averaged 10:15/mi

Notes: October 2, 2010 is the Trinity Bright 5K, J, One of my students, & I ran the race. Let me just say that this was a wonderful race that had great trails in and around a park, by a river, and under the trees. The booths were friendly and had give aways. The prizes were cute little medals, and the timing station was friendly and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this race and how it benefitted making wishes come true for terminally ill children. I do wish they had more water stations during the run though- one was not enough.

October 30, 2010: Completed the 1 mile fun run with Mom.

Notes: Cow Tx Running Scared 5K I did the 1 mile with mom and boy am I glad we only did the 1 mile. This race was the most depressing race ever. There were hardly even 100 people there and there was only one booth. The trail was pitiful following a road through a neighborhood and all. I will not be doing this race ever again. Sad to say this because the people were so friendly, but I like the races with lots of people.

September 17, 2011: Completed the 5K Run in 33:07.00. I averaged 10:41/mi. Placed 25 out of 86 females in my age group.

 Notes: This is the second time I ran in the Run in the Dark 5K. Last year it was in Keller’s Square, but this year it was held in Heritage Trace. It was a good trail, but I had a hard time trying to run the entire race. I placed okay in my age group, but my time was the worst I’ve ever had and I just didn’t feel good during the run. Maybe it was the muggy weather or the fact it was so late in the evening. Maybe it was the unhealthy lunch we ate. Maybe I’m just getting older  and it is affecting my speed. Well, at least three of our students ran in this race. Woohoo Runner’s Club!!

PS. Community Storehouse- next year do not make us run behind Kroger. I love shopping there, but I hated running behind the dumpsters and their horrible wretched smells. Talk about “toxicity of our city”…. I personally think that the trail last year in Keller was a nicer trail. The roads were better lit and the smells didn’t bother me.

Training for the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon this December 2011.

Click here: to see my training log


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