She is 9 Months old


And the little one is growing up so very fast.

She is still under 20 pounds but gaining weight nicely. She has gotten taller (because she can reach on top of counters she could not reach a month ago). She loves to eat green beans, broccoli, cereal, and cookies (all organic foods). We are still feeding her formula mostly.  She lights up when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on the TV. She pulls up on everything, walks around the edge of furniture, grabs your fingers and walks across the room, crawls fast, and is trying to climb up stairs (thanks to Auntie). She would rather play with items that she is not supposed to play with than her billion toys and stuffed animals. She loves her white knit blankie. She does not suck her thumb but does like pacis occasionally.

WE just noticed teething marks on her crib (so now to order a crib protector). And she still hates holding her bottle. She will open her mouth, lean back, and hold her arms out to her sides like she is going to hug you (but doesn’t) and expects you to just put the bottle in her mouth. SPOILED… hehe.

She likes to play in the bath, she likes Lady (but every time Lady licks her face, she breaks out in red splotches).  She likes to pick things up and then drop them. We are teaching her to high five, clap, raise her arm and say “woo hoo!” and blow kisses. She can already wave bye.


We love love love her so very very much! Words cannot even begin to describe the feeling of joy we have when she smiles or learns something new. I cry sometimes when I think about her because I am so Happy to have her in my life. We are so blessed!

OOTD: Onesie-Carter’s from Belk, Hair Band- Love Potion #9 from Giddy Up And Grow– on etsy




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