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She is 9 Months old

And the little one is growing up so very fast. She is still under 20 pounds but gaining weight nicely. She has gotten taller (because she can reach on top of counters she could not reach a month ago). She loves to eat green beans, broccoli, cereal, and cookies (all organic foods). We are still … Continue reading

Eco Friendly Ideas & Lucy had a Sale

Sometimes I feel really motivated and then find some great Eco Friendly ideas that I want to try out. Amazon was my friend when trying to order those ideas and delivery was super fast. I recommend the glass bottle and Nellie’s Dryerballs to everyone now that I’ve used them a bit. See below:   I’m … Continue reading

A few of my favorite things…& Runner stuff…

Before I list my favorite things right now, I thought I’d start with a simple recipe for some healthy drinking water. Slice one lemon… Then slice half a cucumber (I removed some of the peel). Add some fresh mint and ginger. Fill with a liter of water and enjoy throughout the day. If you’ve read Hunger Games then … Continue reading

Christmas in Dallas

This time of year is so nice to browse the stores. After you have done all your Christmas shopping and two days until the big day of opening gifts. We spent today in Dallas shopping and browsing a few different department stores and malls. This is the tree as we entered Neiman Marcus. It was … Continue reading

A little Motivation to Move!

Sometimes all a girl needs is some motivation. Some new duds will do the trick. Especially if you are trying them out for the first time and it is freezing cold today. That and the vet said Lady needed to be down below 20 lb. instead of at 21 lb. So I’ll take her along … Continue reading